Bushcare’s Major Day Out has been proudly supported from the beginning by Willoughby City Council.

In the past three years additional sponsorship has occurred with the involvement of Landcare Australia. Landcare Australia has helped make Bushcare’s Major Day Out a national initiative, where rural and city interests for the environment can be aligned. Bushcare’s Major Day Out is an important part of Landcare Week.

In 2014, we have again received funding from Willoughby City Council and Landcare Australia. We have received ongoing advertising support and free job listings from NRM Jobs.

We proudly received a Community Grant from NRMA Insurance. This was awarded to support BMDO’s work with local groups and has been used to fund a marketing campaign to attract more sites, as well as on site banners and the purchase of supermarket vouchers to provide supplies for the early registrations. Thank you NRMA Insurance!

We receive printing support from NRM jobs and Spectrum Printing. Recently, we received gift vouchers for early registrations from Foresty Tools and Kennard Hire. These are much appreciated!

We are a not-for-profit incorporated association, besides being a mouthful, it means that we are reliant on sponsorship to fund our activities.  Please consider what your organisation can do to help Bushcare’s Major Day Out.