Our committee

Bushcare’s Major Day Out is a not for profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers.

Don Wilson – President. Don, at the time aged 78, started Bushcare’s Major Day Out in 2010 in the Willoughby Local Government Area with the support of Willoughby City Council, as a means of bringing more bushcarers together to be able to battle even bigger problems. With a background in business and sales, Don was able to persuade and inspire others, leading to the success of this national day. Don takes responsibility for getting others involved in Bushcare’s Major Day Out across Australia. Don was made Citizen of the year by Willoughby City Council for his efforts in promoting and taking part in Bushcare and Bushcare’s Major Day Out.

Matthew Keighery – Vice-president. Matt is responsible for Bushcare’s Major Day Out website and much of its communications. He has been an active bushcarer for 15 years during that time, Matt’s acquired a Science degree with a Major in Ecology and became a qualified bush-regenerator. Amongst other things, he is passionate about are plants, getting people involved in bushcare of course and emus! Matt has expertise in communications, video and other media.

Linda Watts – Secretary and CEO. Linda leads Bushcare’s Major Day Out (BMDO) organisationally. She has had a distinguished career in business including as CEO of Kimberly-Clark in New Zealand, which has given her expertise in meeting facilitation, strategy development, organisation structure, networking and time management. Linda has only recently discovered the joys of bushcare but loves working with the team of volunteers on the BMDO committee.

Sally Hawkins  – Treasurer. Sally is a bushcare volunteer of many years standing and our esteemed Treasurer. Sally has also been responsible for our monthly newsletter and she has been valiantly trying to get Western Australian Land Managers to participate in the Major Day Out for the Bush.

Gail Giles-Gidney – is a recently (2014) popularly elected Mayor of Willoughby City Council. Gail has been part of the committee from the start and we appreciate having someone who is passionate about Bushcare and BMDO pushing the Bushcare banner within her Council as well as with the many other community leaders she comes across in her position as Mayor.

Pam Organ –  Pam was a mother with children at primary school when the Bradley Sisters, famous for developing the idea and original rules of Bush Regeneration, walked in looking for mothers to volunteer their time in the bush. Eager Pam has been working in the bush ever since. She is an avid bushwalker and has been responsible for putting BMDO on the calendar of Land Managers in Victoria and Tasmania.

Isabelle Connolly – has been a Bushcarer for some 20 years ‘on and off’. Working for National Parks and Wildlife, Isabelle has built relationships within NSW National Parks and Wildlife so that Bushcare’s Major Day Out is well known within the organisation. She has also lent her considerable talents to media and funding applications, which happily for us are sometimes successful.

Jude Morris – works for NSW National Parks and Wildlife and Willoughby City Council in the areas of weed management, volunteer coordination and environmental education.  She is the supervisor for Don Wilson’s large bushcare group. She also brings skills in Graphic Design and desktop publishing, and she designed Bushcare’s Major Day Out’s logo and the recently launched Bushcare’s Major Day Out Starter-Kit for site organisers.

Saraya Robinson –  Queensland State Champion – Saraya brings a Queensland presence and knowledge to BMDO. During the day Saraya works for the Council of the City of Gold Coast Coast where she is a Greening Officer. She also has a range of social media skills which she is adding to BMDO’s support offer.

The Bushcare’s Major Day Out committee is committed to helping foster a love, respect and involvement with the Australian bush.

Bushcares Major Day Out 2012 Kuringai National Park

Jude Morris from the Bushcare’s Major Day Out committee with volunteers